[Product Teaser] Yuudo AR - Fun running experiencP

Yuudo AR - fun running experience

Yuudo is an AR program that creates an exciting running experience for outdoor runners. Its initial design purpose is to motivate people to exercise (running) more regularly. Yuudo can also be used for delivery service, as it can make the delivery process more fun and positive, and keep the deliver motivated.

At the start of each run, users will need to set up the destination and a theme. Themes are the key to this program, as the program will modify the environment according to the theme that users selected. There’s a scoring system in Yuudo – users will be able to see the rank of users (according to their score) who has challenged similar route. To earn scores, users need to get collective items and completing tasks, the items and tasks are various depend on themes.
To make the run fun and easy to users, Yuudo will create clear indications of the route. As Yuudo will modify the visual environment according to the selected theme, it is extremely important to make sure the modificat